Halloween Kills

Halloween Kills ★★★★½

Genuinely just feels like a giant Thank You letter to the dedicated, diehard Halloween fans that have stuck with this franchise through the great moments and the ugly ones. So many references and Easter eggs that made me so giddy and happy to be a fan of this series. Very much just unabashed fan service a lot of the time but goddamn it just feels so good. 
The flashback scenes to 1978 give me the goofiest fucking smile every time. They felt like the most genuine and faithful continuation of John Carpenter’s classic since Halloween II. 
Kills trims out a lot of the odd humor from 2018 and completely doubles down on Michael Myers living up to his reputation of being the embodiment of pure evil. 
Honestly just a goddamn fantastic Halloween movie and a perfect representation of everything Michael Myers is supposed to be.

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