Captain Marvel ★★★★½

Ok I totally get why men hate this movie.

If you enjoy: women, superhero movies, women, wholesome relationships, women, cats, jude law's receding hairline and women, then give this a try. There's just something so good about female-led superhero movies and THIS WAS SO MUCH FUN. Possibly my opinion is biased because this is only the second one we've had, but this movie is wholesome. The way it focusses on relationships and reconnecting with your past and those around you really made the story come full circle, also the lack of any romantic interest was incredibly refreshing. Brie Larson is a total babe in this movie (so is jude law but this is a women-only zone right now we'll talk about that later). The way women are written in this film makes the earlier depictions in the mcu seem embarrassing in comparison (ahem yes I'm talking about the smirking and terrible one-liners and various ass and cleavage shots) and it made me SO HAPPY. I honestly cannot wait to rewatch this, it was clear, coherent and surprisingly funny - This just made me even more excited for infinity war, as nicole kidman once said: "wow the power of women!"

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