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  • Acacia



    March Around the World 2019 - South Korea

    Unable to have children, a married couple adopts a boy named Jin-seong. He becomes fixated on the acacia tree in the backyard, believing it to house his real mother's spirit. The wife becomes pregnant and after the baby is born, Jin-seong acts strangely and becomes violent. The couple discuss sending the boy back to the orphanage, but then he disappears. And then worse things begin to happen to the family... "Acacia" is a twisted supernatural horror tale featuring terrible parents.

  • Fuse



    March Around the World 2019 - Bosnia & Herzegovina

    It's been two years since the end of the Bosnian War and the small town of Tešanj has been picked for a visit by the American President. The Bosniaks and Serbs now have to fake a sort of brotherhood and figure out what to do with all the war damage. Some bureaucrats arrive to help, making everything a bit more awkward since Tešanj is essentially run by organized crime. Can they possibly pull this all off? "Fuse" is an amusing film the deftly balances the story's comedy with the serious aspects of war's aftermath.

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  • Faces Places

    Faces Places


    March Around the World 2018 - France

    Agnès Varda is a treasure. Her journey with the photographer JR is filled with whimsy, art, and the purest joy. Through their respective art forms, they each invite us to truly see and to truly look, and in this nonfiction film it's a lovely experience that leads us to ponder relationships, our own pasts, and how to find happiness in simple things. There's also a critique of modernization and a celebration of workers, so it's subtly political too. One can't help but want to hug this film.

  • Bandit Queen

    Bandit Queen


    Phoolan Devi was sold as a child bride, as is the custom for her village, and the subsequent abuse and rape by her husband set her on a distinct path. She returned home to face the rejection of her village, and her journey to leading her own gang of vigilantes is filled with more rape, abuse, and violence. The government forced her to surrender in 1983. "Bandit Queen" does a good job depicting her life, but it seems to be…