Kimi ★★★½

"I was assaulted. And the police put me on trial instead of him."

I'll basically always eat up thrillers centering on a protagonist that sees -- or in Angela's (Zoë Kravitz) case, hears -- something nefarious and has to figure out how to take action. Especially when there's an added element of mostly containment inside the protagonist's residence, for whatever reason. I liked the subversion of seeing through the window swapped out for Angela's hearing it on a stream in a batch of them she's reviewing.

The agoraphobia aspect was dealt with in a mostly realistic and sensitive way, although there's sort of an insinuation that one's mental illness can be subdued when justice is on the line that's kinda... Idk. Like I guess I get it I'm just not sure that's the best approach. But I did really appreciate how both Zoë's performance and Soderbergh's direction treated Angela's agoraphobia with seriousness. I'll chalk the other bits up to the trope of thrillers. And also to the urge to fight the patriarchy, especially as an assault survivor.

This was clever and Zoë lived in Angela, creating a performance that made her dimensional and approached her agoraphobia with respect. Soderbergh's quirky-suspenseful direction & Cliff Martinez's send off to Bernard Herrmann for the score were also both highlights. Some of it admittedly went over my head a bit I think, but that's what a second watch is for. I'll go through my notes, Google things I didn't quite get, rewatch, and unpack!

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