Megan Is Missing

The establishing scenes in this definitely have the acting style and vibe of those educational videos I remember having to watch in, like, 6th grade about what to do if you're being abused. It's those parts where it feels like Michael Goi maybe had a handle on his whole, "Hey kids, this is educational", intention. But then there's those set pieces where Megan talks about the camp counselor when she was 10 & her stepfather in this SUPER uncomfortable, salacious sounding dialogue; plus then it goes FULL snuff film & all that, "this is educational", nonsense goes out the window because none of that is adding any kind of cautionary thing, It's just filling in details that don't need filling in; these easily could have been implied & summed up with more mock news footage, and/or friends talking about it on FaceTime or whatever; but to have all these long drawn out scenes expressly showing it, not super necessary.

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