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"How exquisitely stupid is that?"

Quick sloppy review because I decided it'd be a great idea to stay up until 4:30 in the morning finishing this. But once I started I was hooked and I was staying until the ride finished.

Fully fucking lit! The energy just radiated even watching this on my laptop. I love how somehow I managed to have none of this spoiled for me! Because that context is SO needing to be a surprise!

I'm gonna go read all the things I couldn't now before watching this, plus a billion think pieces, and then I'll definitely be watching it again.

Keke Palmer and Daniel Kaluuya had such an awesome sibling connection! And I think one of the things I appreciated about this the most is that they LISTENED TO EACH OTHER and BELIEVED EACH OTHER! I didn't know how badly I needed a movie where nobody called anybody crazy until this.

Jordan Peele does it again! Fuck man this was awesome!

No. 1 on Horror of 2022 (Ranked) & added to My Favorite Films.

Shout out to Jeremy for renting this so I could see it without having to take my anxious ass to the theater.

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