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  • Twilight


    I cannot rate this because I both hate and love this

  • Strays


    So I was hella sick this past week. Didn’t do much but sleep. Was finally feeling well enough to to do things so last night did what any normal person would do. I went over to a friends house, got incredibly high, and accidentally found the greatest movie I’ve ever seen in my lifetime. I kid but also as much as it was absolutely ridiculous, I couldn’t help but have a good time. And yeah that could just be the weed talking. Either way I don’t care I loved it.

  • She's Too Young

    She's Too Young

    Ok so I literally just remembered that they made us watch this in my health class in high school. All I can recall is that I could not believe they were requiring us to watch a shitty Lifetime movie with Marcia Gay Harden for a grade. I was truly living my best life 9th grade