Satantango ★★★★★

when I had heard for the first time of a film of 7 and a half hours I was fascinated of it but aware that the cinema passion would be fleeting
But here i am after finishing it
I approached this movie with the unspoken belief that it would be a boring movie and I would have to watch it a little bit every day... Then I started it and I litterally entered the movie during the 10 minutes sequence shot with the cows, and for the first time during this 7 hours I felt the attraction that kept me glued to the screen for the whole movie
It's a fucking magnet
The cinematography and the direction are so well done that I really was in the movie and not on the sofa
and the scene with the young girl and the cat it's one of the most powerful I've ever seen, really
Tarr is digging a big space in my heart, beside Malick and Kitano :)

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