Suspiria ★★★★½

I've been visiting this Suspiria three times. Oh Mother Suspiriorum, what did you do to me?

Let's say, it's a regeneration from the original one instead of a remake. With focuses on mother-daughterhood and the dynamics of matriarchies. And everytime I revisit, it really did something. The more I visit, the more my questions got answered, the more I noticed things that I hadn't before, and the more things got questionable.

Things that fascinated me the most:
- Knowing that Dr. Klemperer and Helena Markos were played by Tilda Swinton (which she is also the perfect Madame Blanc)
- Knowing that Anke Marie was played by Jessica Harper, who played as Suzy on the original Suspiria

Things I like:
- Camera moves and angles
- Extremely beautiful shots
- (No need to mention the music and scores by Yorke, right?)
- Miss Tanner's accent
- Sweet dancer Sara (I'm looking forward to film featured Mia Goth)
- The social issues, political crisis, illusions, manipulations, wickedness
- How Madame Blanc transfers 'energy'
- Susie improvises dance / Olga's body manipulated by an unseen force, the crack sounds give me relish (I'm sorry I don't know why)
- The unlock door hand moves (in mirrored dance room) by Miss Vendegast. I love this character too!
- The nightmare sequences is way more horor than the 6th act
- The 'forces' that follows Susie, reminds me of the 'forces' that possesed Donnie in Donnie Darko
- And of course, the dance choreography
- Original Suspiria identical with technicolor and there was Luca 'hides' the color, and wait for it: 6th act!
- Mother Suspiriorum, the Mother of Sighs, and we really don't stop hearing sighs from the beginning to the end

And since I've seen this three times, I still have some unanswered questions. Care to discuss?

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