Dunkirk ★★★½


Objectively, this film is a wonder to behold. I think it's amazing how there aren't really character arcs or a clear plot/narrative to follow, but everything and everyone eventually connects in some kind of way to paint a magnificent capture of the various lives involved in the Dunkirk evacuation. I was super wowed by the artistic/technical elements of this film (TRIPTYCH)!!

But personally, I feel like I've watched too many WWII movies in my lifetime to still feel truly moved or affected by this story (that's not to say I didn't cry, because I did multiple times), and so throughout my entire viewing I remained in mostly a state of detached appreciation. Or perhaps it could also be because I'm too used to traditional narratives where I have characters to root for, and a storyline to champion?

Everyone in this sprawling cast served their role well: no one person stood out, all their characters were seamlessly weaved into the big picture. This film's focus was solely on The Dunkirk Evacuation and nothing else and it entirely hit its mark.

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