Beverly Hills Chihuahua ★★½

I was expecting to hate this movie but I was suprised at how much I ended up enjoying this family film. The kids will have a great time watching this and the adults will also be entertained as there is a lot of humor for all to enjoy. The dogs move their lips in a very believable way so the effects work. What I enjoyed the most about this movie is that each character goes along with its sterotype: for examle you have the german shepard being a police dog, then you hace the doberman being the mean character, the rat playing the thief, and the coyote playing well a coyote who takes animals across the Mexican border to America. There are a lot of funny and entertaining scenes throughout the movie, but some people may find the premise to silly to even care to watch it as I thought before having to go with my family to see it, but I actually found myself enjoying it quite a bit and giving the movie a thumbs up. There are quite a few interesting characters, but the iguana is probably the one I enjoyed the most.