The History of the Atlanta Falcons

The History of the Atlanta Falcons ★★★★

"oh god, how long has it been wrong?"

reiterating everything i said in my review of the Mariners series here, it remains striking how Bois and co wring such potent narrative momentum from graphs and stats and newspaper clippings. the way they map out individual games here is a new and brilliant innovation, showing all the drama and action of a football game while withholding footage of it almost entirely. the moment that perfectly encapsulates Bois' aesthetic comes in part 6, when he draws attention to the way in which the graph of the Falcons' wins and losses which the series uses as its canvas has, against all odds, grown to look uncannily like the team's logo. Bois and co accumulate letters and numbers and turn them into art. but the thing is, it was already there. that's the lesson of his work, of all of Secret Base's output, the lesson that so many viewers who insist "i HATE sports but i love these videos" fail to learn. if you like these videos, then you like sports. this is what loving sports is about. it's about looking at stats and seeing a story. it's about looking at a game and finding art.

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