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I rate things when I feel like it, I don't when I don't.

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  • TÁR



    I keep coming back to the Juilliard masterclass and the tweeted video which subsequently comes out of it—for a film which is so invested in accurately recreating a particular milieu, which goes to great lengths in order to situate its protagonist within the real world of classical music, and which mostly succeeds in that regard, these scenes feel shoddy and misjudged at best, insidious and regressive at worst.

    The extent of Tár's sexual indiscretions, the main thread in the narrative,…

  • Nope


    Rewatched Peele's previous two films before seeing Nope, and I'm glad I did—it gave me a good sense of the arc of his career, the way each film acts as a response to the previous one. Get Out was a savvy combination of horror genre markers with the kind of observational comedy that made Peele's name. The marketing campaign was thus able to take advantage of two distinct brands: Blumhouse, which had carved out a comfortable industry niche for small…

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  • A Dangerous Method

    A Dangerous Method

    Men will literally invent therapy instead of going to therapy

  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

    I was thinking about the climax of this movie, mostly reminiscing about how hard it was for me to contain my laughter at old shriveled-up Palpatine hooked up to the mainframe or whatever's going on there, but I was also thinking about how many recent franchise films end with these inevitable battles between good personified and evil personified where the battle is carried out through these transfers of light and energy (the last Harry Potter, Wonder Woman, probably some others…