Midsommar ★★★★★

Heredity was a great film and I really enjoyed it. I just did not think that anything could top it being dubbed "one of the most fucked up films I have ever seen"

.. however, Midsommar topped those expectations
(I like fucked up, ok?)

As someone who is honestly terrified of cult activity, this move was quite disturbing and I walked out of the theater feeling very distraught and unsettled.

I would compare the level of uncomfortable to the first time I saw "Jacobs Ladder" years ago.
This is a cult classic and I enjoyed it. Not all horror films nowadays are able to capture what I felt in that movie theater seeing Midsommar for the firs time. I often try to avoid trailers for movies and go in with little knowledge of what goes on in the movie ahead of time and doing this with Midsommar was so worth it.

Although, I can see this exceeded any expectations I had.

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