Eternals ★★★★

Very understandable how it won’t work for some but I loved it.

Some very obvious issues like some of the pacing but I feel like they did the best with what story they were trying to tell.

Feels great to see a Marvel Speedster get good rep and it helps Makkari is just an absolute gem.

Also a lot of people are saying Kingo is the stand out and he’s great don’t get me wrong but Druig is by FAR my favourite of the bunch.

Critics saying there’s “no comedy” when in reality there is a lot of great comedy, the movie just doesn’t stop itself to tell the audience “you can laugh now”, everything feels natural.

*Kinda Spoilers Below*

Just feels really great to have a super dialogue and plot heavy Marvel movie where there isn’t necessarily a “big bad” but instead each character going through their own moral dilemmas and seeing how that all effects the team.

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