The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ½

This movie’s tag line: There’s been a murder... in Savannah. I do declare. 

I was personally offended by this movie if I’m going to be honest. It had absolutely no structure to its story and just felt incredibly lazy. The constant narration got on my nerves, especially because it added nothing to the story except laughable lines such as *in the thickest southern accent you can imagine* “Arvin loved his mama.” Furthermore, characters would just come in for one scene and disappear for the next ten scenes. I knew Sebastian Stan was in this movie and after his first scene I said “Oh, I forgot Sebastian Stan was in this movie.” Then he disappeared for an hour and when he came back I said it again, completely forgetting he had already been introduced. The film is overlong which is maddening because the first fourty-five minutes could have been condensed to about fifteen. 

I know many people really like this movie, and that’s fine, but if I wasn’t watching this with two other people, I wouldn’t have made it past the first twenty minutes.

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