Old ★★★★★

growing up is terrifying: i went from just turning eighteen to almost being twenty within the pandemic and i cannot alliterate properly how trapped i feel- the entire world feels completely alien to me now i feel entrapped within my own body which is changing more than i can fully alliterate, the sharp rocks of being an adult is closing in as the paradise of what my idealised adulthood looks like is becoming darker and darker the more i grow. i feel so behind, so unready, so scared of what might happen. m night manages to turn this lifelong fear into a b-movie horror with the fountain of youth becoming a sea of uncertainty and foreign feelings. what this film alliterates is so deeply realised and feels like watching my own ageing be isolated within the works of art. deeply m night with all his glory but this is such a genius(?) piece of lucrative art. how are we meant to grow when we have no time.

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