I tried three times to prepare something worthwhile for this; as you can see I gave up after the third. Here the words all are, in their unfinished and rambling state—not unlike the film they’re for. 

outrageously, aggressively, sumptuously stupid. You’d be a fool to sit down and pay close attention, but consumed somewhat passively it’s pretty fun. Cast does their best with the material, and Spielberg paying homage to the hollywood comedy icons of the golden age does kinda rock the house; even though it’s sloppy, it’s still Spielberg. But a 2 1/2 hour director’s cut? Give me a fucking break. There are like four different movies in here and none of them get any room to breathe. 

Had some kinder words prepared for this, but I got pretty fucking bored with still an hour left to go. It doesn’t help that we threw on the 146-minute cut; nevertheless, there are like four different movies in here and I’m not sure of any of them are good. Cast does its best with the material, it’s just a shame that the material kinda sucks. 

This is now my third attempt at writing something cogent about 1941. It’s like seeing $35 million dollars get thrown devil may care into the wind. It’s like seeing a veteran comedian bomb on stage. It’s like seeing a baby get exactly what he wants. it’s like . . . Fuck it.