Whiplash ★★★½

This is a really well made film. The tension, the build up, the pay off, the directing is all really good. And I love the soundtrack as well, and the use of Caravan in particular being a rite of passage was also interesting.

But as a drummer myself, I had some issues with the film's authenticity. First thing's first, my suspension of disbelief was already gone as soon as JK Simmons started being verbally abusive, throwing chairs and shit. No band director would ever keep their job after that, especially if they're that out in the open about it. Secondly, nobody practices like that lol. I've never seen someone practice the same thing over and over again only to punch their snare drum in anger. A little overdramatic. I get it, it's for thematic purpose, but personally it took me out of the experience.

Also, more of a nitpick I guess, but no band director would just shout BPM at a drummer and just expect them to know what it is. Music uses phrases like Allegro, Allegreto, Largo, etc to indicate the feel and speed of a piece.
Being a drummer isn't about BPM, it's about keeping the rest of the band together and setting the rest of them up whenever big moments in a song happen. Think of it as you're the glue that keeps everything together. If the bass is the heart of the band, then the drums are the...blood? Yeah, the blood.

Bad analogies aside, this is just one of those films where I personally was taken out of it. I admit that as a movie it works really well, but as a music movie it kinda falls flat on its face.