Toy Story 4

woody is the greatest protagonist ever. intelligent, emotionally strong yet flawed and unlikable at points. he feels real. these films feel real. unlike most disney products they dont feel like mindless, unimaginative cash grabs they feel passionate and filled with heart. look what im trying to say is that i love these films. i love toy story. these movies are my star wars, my marvel, my my little pony whatever these are the films i grew up with. whenever i put on a toy story movie i slip back into being five years old again something which not many things can do as it cuts me off completely from the world around me as i am back in my bubble. its my safeplace somewhat whenever i was sad when i was younger i put on pixar movies but mainly toy story. i had a woody doll i carried everywhere until i was about six when i lost him and cried for days. every story i wrote, every drawing i did it was inspired by this film. and years on though i have grown up this chidlike imagination gathered from this film is still there. i dont want to say goodbye to these movies because it feels like im saying goodbye to a part of me. the part of me who was happy and didn't suffer from the issues i suffer from now. yet i know that nomatter what these films are a home for me. and always will be.

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