BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths

BARDO, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths

A movie probably only accessible to two people (or rather rich neolib Gen X/late boomer sellouts) outside AGI: Sean Penn and Barack Obama. Like the beach climax from The Tree of Life extended to three hours but honestly I didn’t hate this?

Honest to god a more interesting movie than Roma, as AGI’s guilt over transitioning from leftist to neoliberal is to me a more honest ass-covering. A movie so personal that it’s about both being a pussy-eating wife guy and hating his smart aleck, English speaking teenage son. A couple sequences so stupid I felt like I was levitating in my seat (a discotheque setpiece literally set to “Let’s Dance, an airport customs scene that concludes with Birdman-aping flute music) and some stuff that was legit sick (some uncanny CGI akin to Mike Myers’ head supperimposed over an adult head in The Love Guru and a migrant border crossing scene that legitimately shows what most liberal cinema doesn’t).

Like, I’m apologetic, but not the worst thing to see kind of high. I had to pee from the nearly the very beginning but I didn’t want to break the spell of its truly unique big dick sanctimoniousness by leaving the theatre. Can only imagine the awkwardness of the first big industry screening featuring Brad Pitt, Oliver Stone, Ava DuVernay etc.

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