Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★

Much like writer/director Harmony Korine's previous effort, Trash Humpers, Spring Breakers is a twisted reflection of contemporary America. Unlike Trash Humpers, which made the everyday (streetlamps, garbage bins, parking garages) and turned it grotesque, Spring Breakers takes everything that we glorify in our culture (celebrity, youth, sex, violence and the indulgence of it all) and glorifies it all to absurdity. Even the repulsive aspects of the American dream, that other movies wouldn't include, are present and they're glorified, like how other movies glorify everything else. This is why Spring Breakers and Trash Humpers make such good companion pieces. Even though Spring Breakers trades out the ugly VHS aesthetic of Trash Humpers in favor of something a little more beautiful and cinematic, it does it for a reason. They are entirely opposite in terms of style, but have the same theme. Rather than the dirty suburban indulgence, this feature shows the neon lit indulgence that lights up the dreams of today's teens. Spring Breakers is an incredibly apt depiction of the gross indulgence desired by the youth of today's culture.

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