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  • Roman Holiday

    Roman Holiday


    There’s a moment in Roman Holiday, roughly two thirds of the way through, that always sticks in my mind. Hepburn and Peck have just spent an afternoon sightseeing in Rome, and are about to go dancing by the river. Off camera we hear a horse-drawn carriage, and our couple both turn to look at it. Peck twists back to meet Hepburn’s eyes, which light up instantly as she flashes her million-dollar smile. He asks her a wordless question, and her…

  • Se7en



    Gritty doesn't even begin to cover it. Fincher's bleak outlook on the world and the sins of humanity is realised with chilling precision. The whole thing is just masterfully crafted. The subtle camerawork, the pace of the editing, the grimy design; it all creates an inescapable tension, a perpetually increasing sense of doom. The fact that you build a genuine affection for these characters, as they struggle to come to terms with the horrors they see around them, only makes…

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  • 127 Hours

    127 Hours


    Brilliant direction from Boyle, particularly in the early scenes. He fills every small moment with tension. The intensity is constantly on the rise, beginning with subtle hints at the danger to come before building up to a sequence fit to match anything the Saw franchise has to offer. He makes such great use of the space, alternating between the the expansive isolation of this vast landscape, and extreme claustrophobia once you venture inside its crooks and crevices. These two polar…

  • Shooter



    This Antoine Fuqua action-thriller isn't one of the finest examples of Mark Whalberg's acting chops. He fits in well during the really intense moments, needing no extra help to feel like a ruthless action-man type. Scenes of frantically him on the run, or lighting up bad guys like a firework show, allow him to feel right at home without needing to put much effort in. When someone isn't shooting at him or chasing him, he's operating at his most monotonous.…

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  • Diabolique



    This is the kind of film that you think you have all worked out, until the very second things take a turn and you realise you're really, really don't. It's masterful in how it builds suspense, carefully unfolding a murder conspiracy worthy of Hitchcock himself. The combination of tight, tense performances, Clouzot's methodical plotting, and some freakishly chilling imagery carries you along like an eerie ghost train, keeping you hooked on every disturbing detail. I wouldn't dare spoil a thing,…

  • The Women

    The Women


    What stands out most about Cukor's fast-paced comedy is, obviously, its all-female cast. For the entire runtime, not a single male character is seen or heard, allowing some of the finest actresses of the era to bounce off of one another for 132 minutes straight. Norma Shearer, Joan Crawford, Rosalind Russell, Joan Fontaine; the talent on screen is dazzling, furthered by a host of charismatic side characters. Everyone looks amazing, decked out in one of the finest collections of costumes…