The Bride of Frankenstein

The Bride of Frankenstein ★★★½

Universal Monsters collection - Film #5

This was probably the best film in the collection so far; not by the widest of margins, but still the one I think was the best structured and executed. It continues the themes of the first Frankenstein, of humanity thinking it knows best and reacting with fear and anger over rationality. It also develops the monster a bit into a character that can learn, making his rejection by those around him feel all the more tragic. There's also a reckoning for the other villain of these films - Dr. Frankenstein, this time forced to confront his past and accept the results of his actions. These ideas are woven throughout, and it all moves forward at a smooth pace, building up towards the monstrous finale, and unveiling of the titular character.

I honestly wasn't that creeped out by any of it. For a horror film it's distinctly lacking in scares. It's a much more investing story, although it never excites like the high moments in its predecessor. Also, for a film called The Bride of Frankenstein, I definitely wish we saw more of the bride. Great design, striking performance, but just not enough of her. It's great build up though, so I can overlook that somewhat. It's also just really cool to see a sequel this old - complete with a recap and everything.