The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2 ★★½

The ‘Saga’ is finally over, and I’ve got to say the final one is also the most enjoyable. Now that Bella is a vampire, we can stop with all the lacklustre human/vampire/werewolf love triangle (which honestly wasn’t ever in doubt for Team Edward, not even for a second), and get on with some fantasy action. It’s still not particularly well done - I definitely wouldn’t recommend it if you actually want to watch an action film - but based on what’s come before it might as well be directed by Michael Bay. We see so many different and interesting vampires with all sorts of cool powers, allowing the films to finally do what all good fantasy should do, build the world. Watching them all interact, while not anything Oscar worthy, is pretty enjoyable breath of fresh air. Michael Sheen is still hilarious trashy fun, and some of the over the top costumes really do look cool against the white snowy backdrop. It all makes the central action storyline feel more lively than anything we’ve seen from the films before. 

Bella also gets to stop moping around being saved by everyone, although I do think the film largely glosses over what the transition from human to vampire would be like, instead kinda going “well, she’s just good at it”. The fact that I think there are missed opportunities in a Twilight film shows it’s already doing something better than a lot of the previous ones. It’s also not without its really odd moments - Jacob’s relationship with the kid is particularly weird towards the end, as is the hideous CGI baby face. If you hate any of the others I doubt you’ll find much in here to enjoy, but I thought that of the whole lot, this one stands out the most (not saying much I know). It all ties together a bit too perfectly for my liking, but I’m not the audience for it anyway, so I can live with it. If it weren’t for the sickeningly sentimental end credits, I may have actually liked it - seriously, did we need to go through the whole cast of every film?

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