Wild Beasts

Wild Beasts ★★★½

A few things that make me uncomfortable;

1. People playing with their knees.
2. Exploiting animals for entertainment.
3. Writing in blue ink.

Only one of those is relevant to the movie but it's a biggy and, oh boy, do I feel like a hypocrite for enjoying this. Despite the opening disclaimer, translating to 'no animal that appears in this film has ever been subjected to any kind of violence', it would be a miracle if some of these animals weren't injured or even killed while filming. The hyena's let loose in a cow shed was especially not okay. Anyone behind the scenes who found themselves on the sharp end of a tusk or claw completely deserved it.

If you can put animal rights issues to one side, there are some killer sequences and it's enjoyable watching these idiots get malled, trampled and eaten.

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