Us ★★★½

Like GET OUT, this has a lot of fun with a(n even) creepy(-er) set-up before getting bogged down in an explanation that feels half-baked and doesn't slot neatly into either a literal or metaphorical interpretation of what's going on. Here, both aspects are amplified: US displays more straight-up genre chops than GET OUT, with genuinely scary bits balanced out by a Wes Craven-ish sense of play, all culminating in the genius sequence at Moss and Heidecker's house. But the haphazardness of the resolution is also a bigger problem because more hinges on the rules and logistics of WTF is going on--the film's very idea is a question in search of an answer, and the answer Peele supplies feels like it's trying to cludge together a few different ideas that don't really belong side-by-side. Still, this ambitious and beautifully made sophomore feature should only buttress the conviction that Peele has a great movie in him, and its box office would seem to ensure that we'll be seeing it soon.

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