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  • The Devil All the Time

    The Devil All the Time


    The images were good but none of them were new. The performances were good but none of them made me feel anything. I enjoyed the structural time jumps but just wish the pacing had been accelerated. Things felt inevitable but in a predictable way rather than a fatalistic one. Ultimately I feel like it was the sort of sprawl that could’ve been more rich as a series AND it also felt super long. Why do even goodish movies suck so much now?

  • Golgo 13: The Professional

    Golgo 13: The Professional


    Beautiful and ridiculous testosterone psychedelica poliziotteschi feature presentation

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  • Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

    Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


    My problem with all these Netflix docuseries - besides the fact that they could cut all the repetitive filler out and become exciting 2 hour long movies - is that everyone watches them for the zany “can you believe what they just did/said” characters and then 75% of the way thru they’re like “oh and btw everyone was always on meth. Moving right along...” NO! Obvi we knew the whole time every “kooky” decision was made while fucked up on…

  • Tenet



    Me: We need to go back in time so we can understand this movie!

    Friend: We need to go back in time and stop this movie from being made!

    Suffice to say I had less problems with it than my friend — but I guess the biggest one is that it basically made no sense and 50% of the dialogue was incomprehensible. This has been an intentional Nolan technique since the opening scene of Inception and the introduction of Bane…