Soul ★★★★½

— but this is water... i want the ocean.

i will not write the same thing over and over again and say the technical perfection of pixar's animations is in an unquestionable level. instead, i'm here to tell the animation feature is a mere way to transmit the incredible messages portrayed by the screenplay.

trying at maximum to not involve religious creed, the mythology applied at soul is powerful enough to make you think. you like to work on something to live, but is this really what you are living for? what would you like to see and feel about your life when it ends, if were give you the chance? if you're in the water, how will you find the ocean? there are a lot of questions you can take from the proposed philosophies and they will be as simple as you want to. i mean they will have the significance you give to them.

beyond the existentialists subjects, the characters are captivating. during all the moments you can feel yourself hosted by at least one of them and, incredibly, they are rightly utilized. the visual beauty, applied at the concepts the writing brings, make the movie more hypnotizing: he points that you do not need to understand what is a jerry or a terry, you just need to see what they are able to do; you do not have to accept the existence of a pre-life or a beyond-life, you just have to absorb the message streamed through these topics. and what is the appearance of the beyond-life? the movie let it go because it doesn't want to define this for you; it would be unfaithful to the mythology. about the beyond-life, just knows it who is there. what's your desired vision when you pass the shining portal, in the middle of that black void?

the main feature, for which the movie has been already recognized, is the music score. brilliant. the notes used on the most inexplicable scenes give an incredible deep to the emotions we will feel. how sounds the void? and what's the sound of your trip during an ecstatic moment?

as it should, Soul does not answer clearly any of these questions. and this is beautiful, deep and necessary. what a christmas gift.

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