Suspiria ★★

There is so much to pick from here, so I’m just going to list it out, cons and pros, let’s just start with the cons, get the messy stuff over with.

-There is simply too much fluff, it’s way longer and way too convoluted and cluttered than it needed to be. Guadagnino was definitely trying to make what could have been a great horror film something more, and that, in my opinion, effectively sabotaged what could have been on par with the original.

-Way too many unnecessary plotlines, like I said above, this urge on Guadagninos part to “elevate” the horror genre (god how I hate that oh so much) only succeeds in making a mess. All this extra historical context and little tidbits that thoroughly cut great bits of tension throughout.

-I fail to see an amazing picture like everyone else here, all I see is a series of decisions and half-baked ideas, all circled around side characters and I honestly could care less about, and don’t get me started on the dialogue, which is near painful. There really is so much I could sink my teeth into that you’d think I hated this whole damn thing.

However, there are some genuinely horrifying and amazingly executed snippets of genuine horror. So much raw, cracking body horror, and bloody disgusting scenes. The whole thing is choreographed incredibly, and there are some brutal scenes that have rivaled almost anything I’ve seen in the theaters the past few years.

Suspiria has some amazing potential, I just wish it was trimmed down an hour, so these amazing bits of horror and witchcraft could simmer and hit again like a neverending ride. 

 Simply put, this was a potentially beautiful dance with far too many intermissions.

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