10 Things I Hate About You

10 Things I Hate About You ★★★★

today i definitely just needed to watch something fun and mindless to get my mind off of stuff and this did the trick. i mean i was putting this one off for a while because it just never really grabbed my attention, but this is isn’t even like guilty pleasure territory. this is a full on genuinely great coming of age teen film which i am a sucker for. 

the cast is great. the film has that time capsule-y feel which makes the campiness in this film feel more unintentional, but all the better for it. and again this really is such a great pick me up film that i feel i can add to a list of films that would make me happy and can rewatch any day. the only issue i had was with the editing. obviously it isn’t going to be amazing or anything, but some stuff just happens to quickly in this and i would have rather added some more runtime to each scene just to kind of sit in with the characters a little longer. but that is just personal preference. 

overall, a great film and i can understand the following it has now as it is definitely essential to the teen/coming of age high school film genre.

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