American Honey

American Honey ★★★★★

“Do you have any dreams?”

I was always put off by the long run time of this film, but now that I have seen it, I could have easily watched another hour of it. The definition of a true American road film, that does not hold back in terms of displaying a side of American youth that is a reality. Everything in this film feels realistic in its portrayal of this group of people who live life day by day on the road just trying to make something of themselves.

When examining the ways in which they make their living, you wonder how can they have any ambition to better themselves, but this is it. For me it’s admirable to see this group become a community that supports one another and their dreams, whether that be to continue to drive around in the mag crew or have aspirations of living on their own. I don’t know how to explain this concept very well, but watch the film and you will see. This kind of message and filmmaking really resonates with me and I just loved every bit of this. 

And really I just loved this so much for the different moments you witness that encapsulate the characters experiences. There are so many moments that just ask you to reflect and put yourself in the character’s shoes. I can totally see why someone would hate this, but for me it might be one of my new favs. The soundtrack is also amazing (God’s Whisper is one of my favorite songs and it is used beautifully) and the filmmaking is refreshing. Definitely seek this one out if you haven’t already. 

Recommended by Grayson who surprisingly gave an amazing 5 star recommendation
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