Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★★

“I’m the enemy.”

Wow. I remember a few years ago watching Waititi’s WWDITS and thinking about what an interesting film that was and how it took a classic genre and turned it on its head. Waititi did the same with Thor: Ragnarok and I recently watched what I think so far is his most personal film Boy. I have yet to watch the rest of his films, but after this film I feel as though I need to. 

This film in my opinion is one of the most important releases so far this year and demands to be seen by everyone. There is so much to take away and love about this film. Technically brilliant, amazing performances (specifically Scar Jo, Thomasin McKenzie, and Stephen Merchant), and complete tonal balance in my opinion is what makes this a 5/5 for me. However, the most controversial aspect of this film is what I think makes this film so fresh and interesting. The satire. I love satirical, dark, black humor and this was just that, but is accessible to almost anyone as this isn’t some hard R film, but rather has a lot of heart and lessons that younger audiences can learn. I really am having a hard time putting into words about how much I loved this because there this film has everything. I really really recommend seeing this on the big screen if you can. My theater experience was fantastic and the energy in the auditorium was just refreshing and lovely. 

Lastly, all I can think about leaving you with is that, we have got to learn to love each other, these films remind us about what happens if we don’t amount other things. Overall, this has taken my 1 spot of the year. It is kind of wild that the top spot keeps changing between something heartfelt or something frightening or disturbing every other film.

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