Annette ★★½

Myself and Nev took a trip to the Picturehouse to see a surprise showing. And boy was I surprised.

Annette was interesting to say the least. It's a film which I believe belongs to the wrong medium. It's definitely the sort of show you'd expect to see on stage, filled with big ensemble opera numbers, tragedy and... puppets.

There were a couple moments that I enjoyed, and quite a few that left me feeling very awkward *ahem* Adam Driver singing whilst giving oral sex. Some people found it awkward to the point they left the screening shortly afterwards. But one moment I did enjoy was a shot circling round a conductor as he spoke to the audience directly, then intermittently pausing to get very enthusiastic with his conducting.

All in all though it was a confusing and somewhat boring ride, but the acting was good. Should've been a stage show.

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