Dune ★★★★★

Wow. This was well and truly epic.

Villenueve's Dune creates a bold futuristic world filled with politics, interesting technology and incredible landscapes.

I felt genuinely in awe as I was being shown this intricate new world that we're about to embark on within the Dune films. I loved all the small details. Such as the water filtration suits & floating lamps (strange but they made sense!).

The cinematography was incredible, large wideshot landscapes made everything else feel small and empty. Then cutting to closeups to show intimacy and emotion within these big empty halls / deserts. Also how about those silhouette shots?

Hans Zimmer, if you're reading this (which I fully expect you to) then let me say this. You have well and truly mastered your art. It is a genuine pleasure listening to this score, it's so powerful and emotional. Very interesting instruments were used which gave it a real authentic feel, very spiritual.

I didn't want the film to end, I can't wait for the next one. I've been brought into this world and I don't want to leave it!

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