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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

“I’m a very good lawyer”

Okay, wow.

I had the luxury of seeing this spectacle at the UK’s biggest screen with what can only be described as the biggest spidey fans in the UK (some wouldn’t shut up!).

One thing immediately that stood out to me was the cinematography, I think this film is one that genuinely had me loving a large variety of shots and camera techniques used, the opening for example was so stressful and it was all due to the handheld long takes. Really well done.

Now onto the rest, if you’ve reflected my spoiler button then here’s a warning SPOILER ALERT! I cannot explain how happy I was throughout this film, if my mask weren’t on I’m sure I would’ve looked like the village idiot with how much I smiled. I laughed, I cried. To me it had everything the Spiderman fanboy within me needed, a big reunion of former villains, stunning action sequences with some brutal hits & choreography, intensely emotional scenes and my boys Maguire and Garfield returning to their former roles. There’s something about seeing three spideys swinging round the Statue of Liberty that makes you want to let out a school girl squeal of excitement. 

Performance wise there wasn’t one necessarily that I didn’t enjoy, but props to Holland, Garfield and ESPECIALLY Dafoe, holy shit his Green Goblin is so sinister, so psychotic. I love it.

All in all, extremely happy to have seen the film, I’m biased as a fanboy.

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