After Hours

After Hours ★★★★½

Oh goodness, how is Edgar Wright possibly going to top this? 

The Wizard of Oz meets Good Time: the illusions of fantasy seem to be incrementally training towards the surreal genuineness of Soho’s low-class lunacy, and After Hours serves as the collision of these two concepts. If our protagonist really is in a dream, it’s one of a reflection of his own fears, fears that could awaken like a ginormous treasure chest being opened in the hecticly populated city he lives his day to day in.

Well would you look at that: it’s time for me to put After Hours on the list of “types of movies Scorsese should’ve made more of” right next to Silence. It seems that I’ve taken a fancy for breaching into either the comedic panic attacks or the harrowing prolongations of this man’s filmography.

🎖 Verdict: A-

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