Following ★★★

Christopher Nolan’s debut Following is simple yet informative philosophy regarding our instinctive gravitation to decrease individuality as more and more people lay feet to the Earth’s soil, but more notably, one that exposes our occasionally narcissistic and vaguely unprofessional impulse to take others’ moral compasses into our own hands for ulterior motives. There are some questionable directing, editing, shot compositing, acting, choreography, and off-screen voiceover bits here and there, but then again, for something that was made on only a 6,000-dollar budget, this was unusually inspiring and mature. I totally dug the movie’s timeline manipulation too; very intricate! The eerie score was the cherry on top!

The final twist was pretty cute, by the way—and, I mean that in the nicest possible manner.

👍🏼 Verdict: B-

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