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  • Love and Anarchy
  • Blue
  • Rouge
  • Mississippi Masala

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  • Carlito's Way


  • Snake Eyes


  • Femme Fatale


  • Once Upon a Time in the West


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  • Benediction



    Not gonna recover from this one for a while huh. Shouldn’t expect any less of Davies. Still, one of his most playful and light films, and one of his most formally adventurous as well (seriously some of the most inspired uses of dissolves, multiple exposures, and de/re aging effects in years). Devastating stuff from an old master looking back on the many lives one can live in art, in love, or for oneself. And the loss that inevitably comes as…

  • RRR



    Seeing a movie three times in theaters?

    Sharing the craziest, most transcendent cinema experience with two friends for their first time?

Popular reviews

  • Midsommar


    Among all the things I could possibly complain about this, I give you one thing: Ari Aster doesn’t know how graduate anthropology works.

  • Days



    This feels like a really wonderful companion piece to Stray Dogs in more than one way: what sticks out the most is how it further refines Tsai’s grasp of wordless routine and sense for the rhythm of his own film style — the confidence is visible, but he never flexes his control at you. It’s such a freeing experience as a viewer. You can navigate and process his world however you choose, but you never lose sight of his construction. …