A Woman Under the Influence

A Woman Under the Influence ★★★★★

“don’t worry about me. i’m a grownup, i’m fine.”

the children push, scream, and run for their mom. they cry out for her and wrap their arms around her waist without truly having a grasp of what the problem is. few words spoken yet every emotion on display. won’t go to bed until they know their mother is alright. of course she’s alright, she’s a grown woman. 

stop dancing on the couch, stop letting your true self show and just conform to the order and norms of society. don’t tell that joke, you’re embarrassing the guests. brush it off, act normal, stop doing that. 

mabel smiles through the pain of all the broken relationships in her life. so destroyed that she physically and emotionally can not stand up for herself. tripping and falling with no one there to catch her.

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