Everything Everywhere All at Once

Everything Everywhere All at Once

respect the commitment to the bit but unfortunately the bit is annoying and also goes on for like 5 hours? really wish i was able to see what everyone else is seeing in this but it was genuinely one of the most excruciating movie watching experiences in recent memory. mostly thanks to the fact that any glimpses of anything worthwhile here, outside of the 2 lead performances, were so quickly undermined by the incessant need to make sure everything in it *means* something, so that the viewer can *feel* something. it’s not surprising that an snl cast member holds the top review for this calling it the best thing he’s ever seen, but at least snl has the decency to not try to milk an unearned emotional beat out of like..hot dog fingers. not sure if it’s the filmmakers’ lack of faith in their material or their audience, but it’s almost impressive how successfully it runs every joke* into the ground by turning anything that could and should strange, compelling or even memorable at all, into baby food. (*jokes that, might i add, were dead on arrival in the first place. some of the unfunniest stuff i’ve ever seen, the bar is in hell)

again, michelle and ke are good and do their best to elevate the material they’re given but even they can’t save this from being a banal, tiresome, borderline unwatchable waste of time. i’m struggling to remember the last time i was so uninterested in something that was presenting (or thought it was presenting) so many interesting ideas. checked the time on like 5 different occasions during this, it refused to end! i felt nothing but boredom and irritation, maybe i’m heartless or maybe i’m going crazy. when did movies start looking like apple commercials. whatever.

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