TÁR ★★★★½

I am very glad to have rewatched this, it absolutely increased my appreciation for it. The other day I watched Black Swan and said I believed Tar was of a very similar style of movie, but I no longer believe that to be the case. I assumed going into Tar originally that that style of tortured artist/perfectionist was the story I was going to get. Instead, its a complex and nuanced story about power simply using orchestral conducting as the means of telling the story. It is this however that remains my largest sticking point. I wish the work engaged more substantially with the music itself. It is essentially an hour into the film before we actually hear the music for the first time and we only hear a small snippet of the entire piece. Similarly, an additional hold over from my last watch is a desire for a more varied pacing through out film. Still don’t love the ending either.

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