Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★

ah totally forgot to log this after I saw it opening night! but I loved it 😍 the awkward high school cuteness made my heart want to burst, the degree of emotional vulnerability in this Peter Parker’s performance of heroism is exquisite, and as a sucker for trippy visual sequences, I much enjoyed Mysterio’s powers were a thrill to behold. just an all-around fun, lovely, satisfying trip to the movies that so smoothly connects to Endgame / the larger MCU without sacrificing its own worth as an individual spidey installment. makes me quite excited for Phase 4 (will be paying close attention to SDCC news this Saturday 👀). 

AND it even uses Mysterio’s powers as a launching point to dip its toes into some swirling questions of the zeitgeist re: “post-truth” era, fallibility of mediated imagery, weaponized perception, etc. — perhaps not beyond a basic / cursory level, but at least it’s  aware of the topics it’s engaging (Peter’s “fake news” comment 👀 MJ hitting us with that Orwell quote on lack of objectivity 👀 J.K. Simmons doing a spot-on Alex Jones / InfoWars impression 👀). going forward with Spider-Man I could see this angle being a great way to keep the Daily Bugle relevant for contemporary audiences!!

Also: that opening sequence with the high school TV station killed me 😂 Perfection

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