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  • L'Age d'Or

    L'Age d'Or


    Why is 'l’age d'or' such a must-see for any self- respecting cinéphile like myself? Because it is so kooky and unpredictable, so daring for its time
    Apparently it was shown in an art gallery in 1930 and spectators became so enraged they smashed up the work of art and the venue. It was avant-garde in its strange illogical dreamlike scenes. It was disrespectful to the ruling class, the church and romantic love. Some scenes made no sense at all such…

  • Swimming Pool

    Swimming Pool


    A somewhat cliched take on the perennial figure of the prudish Anglo-Saxon woman played by Charlotte Rampling. Right away I was exasperated by the boyish inhibited look adopted by Rampling. ''La Piscine'' is saved by the explosively sexy persona of Ludivine Saignier. Naturally the two women clash since they move into the same holiday house in France. The film is all about this head- on encounter between ravenous French libido and British stiffness as portrayed by the English Houses of…

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  • Under the Sand

    Under the Sand


    Ozon uses the camera to caress the gorgeous Charlotte Rampling
    as much as the two men in her life. I have noticed that Ozon likes to use an explicit erotic scene to let a woman take control of her sex life. She is not dominated; on the contrary she runs the show. It is the same with the raucous behaviour of Ludivine Saignier in the film 'La piscine'' 'The Swimming Pool'' However Rampling is faced with the mysterious disappearance of her husband and has lost all control of the situation.We read her mind thanks to camera closeups, a method of cinematography close to Ozon's heart.