Shin Godzilla

Shin Godzilla ★★★★

"I will not let a third nuclear bomb be dropped on the country of my grandmother"

"The war seems to last forever"

Anno's avant garde populism paints Japan in a kaleidoscopic barrage of mixed mediums, cluttered wides, and unconventionally queasy close ups to establish a nation on the precipice of complete collapse - bureaucracy disguised as democracy completely incapable of moving past the pratfalls of modern nuclearization. One of the only Godzilla movies since the original to reckon with the eponymous creature as allegory - the set pieces here have horror and scale to them ripped from Eva, but unlike the bulk of that franchise this is broader, wholly more optimistic, and viciously satirical. Countries outside of the US continue to use unrealistic CGI to such artistic and cinematic ends I get practically envious.

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