Cube 2: Hypercube

Cube 2: Hypercube ★½

Mess of a sequel. Theres nothing new in this. Has a bigger budget than the original yet wastes it all on Windows 98 screensaver SFX.

The premise is interesting enough - people trapped in a cube/box connected to a seemingly infinite amount of other cubes/boxes - but the film itself can do little with this idea. Most of the film is people talking about being trapped in a box. It suffers hugely from post-matrix-fatigue. Plenty of cod-philosophical dialogue about parallel realities and simulations, all of which are purely cosmetic. The film just lacks the know how to actually realise any of these ideas. So the film feels like people saying words that have very little to do with what's actually happening.

It's a shame as the original film felt fresh and able to explore deeper ideas and themes. From performance to cinematography to SFX, this is just a mess. An amalgamation of conflicting ideas that elicits boredom rather than curiosity.

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