Suspiria ★★★★★

I love this movie's ability to wrap me up in the witches' plot. Each time I watch this it feels like turning the corner in a city I'm unfamiliar with and suddenly not knowing where I am. It's one of the best feelings about a movie you haven't seen, the intensity of waiting to know what will happen next, and somehow with each rewatch I still have this I feeling. It's like magic and makes me feel as if I'm just another confused student of the academy slowly unraveling the secrets behind the walls.

I also just admire how bold and ambitious this movie is. Without spoiling the climax, I'm amazed every time I see it just for how artistically committed it is. It's understandable why this movie wouldn't work for some people because it makes no compromise whatsoever as to its artistic vision. It's awe-inspiring to see a movie fully do what it wants to even when it's totally different. This has got to be one of the greatest achievements in style and tone, and I think it proves Guadagnino as one of the greatest living directors.

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