Tenet ★★★½

I finally managed to catch this and after months of talk which made me feel like I was in for a lukewarm experience, I'm blown away by how much I actually enjoyed this. There are some issues with not being able to understand what people are saying, but hardly enough to ruin the experience or even enough to make me feel lost. I found Nolan's obsession with time to actually be the saving factor for this movie. Where in Dunkirk it was probably the most distracting element, here it only got me more interested and invested in the story.

This is a pure action movie but done really well. I'm not someone who hates CGI whatsoever, but this was probably the best time I've had watching an action movie in years specifically because of the awe-inspiring things that happen. The scene where they crash an airplane into a building was absolutely insane and worth watching the entire movie for alone. I've also heard this compared to James Bond movies a lot, and I totally get the comparison. Much of the movie feels like it's almost referencing Bond, but Noland does it much better.

The biggest issue is not being able to understand certain things though, although it didn't ruin the experience it definitely didn't help and surprises me it even got released like this. Also, it feels like the reversed time element doesn't really start to play into the movie until like an hour in, and considering that is basically the point of the movie it really hurt the experience. I can understand why it's getting such mixed reviews with those two aspects in mind, but I still think this is a really fun movie and a welcome addition to Nolan's filmography. I came in not expecting much and got more than I came for, but if I had just finished Inception before seeing this I probably would have been annoyed.

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