Message from Space ★½

Cheap and cheesy STAR WARS ripoff from Kinji Fukasaku (BATTLE ROYALE) After a peaceful planet is invaded by the Galvanas, the inhabitants send out glowing space walnuts to find heroes to defend them. Among them are two space racers (Hiroyuki Sanada, last seen in AVENGERS: ENDGAME and Phillip Casnoff), their scummy friend, a spoiled rich girl (Peggy Lee Brennan), a retired general (Vic Morrow, 1990: THE BRONX WARRIORS) who has an orange and white robot named Beba-2 (maybe Star Wars ripped this off?), and the exiled heir to Galvanas throne (Sonny Chiba, THE STREET FIGHTER). Sue Shiomi (SISTER STREET FIGHTER) is the princess. Tetsuro Tanba (YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE) pops up as the leader of the Earth Council after the Galvanas decide Earth is next . You'll cringe at the not so special effects, bad science, and total lack of originality (so watch it). Fukasaku redid this as LEGEND OF THE 8 SAMURAI (minus the white people).