All Quiet on the Western Front

All Quiet on the Western Front ★★★★

The book All Quiet on the Western Front was written in 1928 by German WWI soldier and survivor, Erich Maria Remarque. It was meant to show the horrors and atrocities of war and the pointlessness of it all. The book and the movie as juxtapose the experience of the young men who are soldier being brutally killed and the elitist generals and military high ranks who are playing a game of chess with their lives--over a few hundred meters of controlled land.

It's a brilliant book and, in the hands of the right director, actors, and cinematographers, it become a brilliant movie. I believe that director Edward Burger, along with a solid cast and production crew, did the job. This movie is filled with horrors, foreboding doom, and highlights the messages in the book as the boys are marched off to, and eventually, slaughtered.

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